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Automatically Log Your Calls


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All type of calls

Inbound & outbound, answered & unanswered, SIM Calls

Accurate call duration and call timings

with accurate data on the time you spent talking on the phone, you’ll know how long is too long.

Call history

You can load your and your team’s whole call history with our call log app, ensured that you have your call log backup.

Mark your calls as private and they won’t be logged

Calls outside the app will be logged too - no need to adopt a new call routine

Analyze calling activities easily - without VOIP implementation.

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Google Sheets



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Frequently Asked Questions

How to capture all the calls made by team into CRM?

From call duration to conversation history, this call management app has it all covered. Mobile-based call center solutions enable automated call logging into CRMs so your team can automatically capture their calls and minimize call wrap-up time. Using Call Center Solution, sales and service teams are equipped with the tools required to increase agent productivity and call capacity.