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Accurate Call Recordings Of Every Call

Call Center’s call recording feature is activated every time your team picks up the phone.


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Accurate Call Recordings

Enjoy call recording capabilities at no extra charge and confirm the history of every conversation.

Inbound And Outbound Call Recording

Easily record your inbound and outbound calls (and modify those settings at any time) with our call center solution.

Access & Listen Call Recordings From Your CRM

Call Center Solution will be integrated with your CRM. It automatically creates log and recording with it in CRM.

Store All The Recording At Secured Cloud Server

You Can Listen Recordings Anywhere Anytime

Record SIM Calls, No Hassles Of VoIP

Benefits Of Automatic Call Recordings Of Your Sales Team

Make every call better than the last one by listening to your recordings and refine your pitch.

Keep records of your phone communications with your customers.

Gain insights into what works and what doesn’t to quickly improve sales performance.

Protect your company in case of customer disputes.

Having a full history of the conversation makes it easier to clarify any confusion

Share important customer insights with other department: Product, Marketing, C-suite, etc

Improve the consistency & quality of your team's service, increase customer satisfaction

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get call recording into CRM automatically?

Call recording gives you the ability to automatically record your incoming & outgoing business calls. This functionality is extremely important to businesses that wish to monitor their agents to ensure the quality of the service they are providing, train new or existing staff, assist with dispute resolution efforts, & much more.

Best of all, you can easily access these call records right below your leads and deals from any mobile or web browser. Now you can easily keep audio records for all of your business calls for as long as you need!

Why your sales team needs a CRM with call recording?

Call Center App records all your calls automatically and keeps them safe and secure in your cloud-based account so you can go back and review them whenever you need to. In every call, there’s something new: an insight or an inspiration. With Call Center App, record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. You can listen to them later and discover new ways to improve. And old call could also hold the answer to a new problem that you’ve encountered!

What is a call recording system?

A Call recording system records phone conversations into an audio file format. You can retrieve, playback, store, and share call recordings. Businesses typically use this software for employee training, maintaining service quality, consistency standards, and marketing research. With Call Center App, the service requires no additional installation or cost and is accessible through the admin settings of your CRM dashboard.

What are the benefits of a call recording system?

The call recording feature can improve the consistency and quality of your team’s service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

During training sessions, call recording can be used to demonstrate examples of effective and ineffective call techniques. Walk trainees through different scenarios, give them helpful context, and prepare them for various situations they may encounter over the phone.

Automatic call recording can also protect your company in case of customer disputes. Having a full history of the conversation makes it easier to clarify any confusion and take the appropriate next steps.