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Dial Straight From Your CRM

Call Center Solution will be integrated with your CRM so you will be able to dial any lead or deal from your CRM

Dial In A Single Click

Just click to call button from your CRM. While taking a look at follow-ups of lead, you can click to dial and save yourself seconds on every call.

Spend Less Time Toggling Between Screens To Dial Numbers

Benefits Of Click To Call

Save Your Teams' Seconds On Every Call

Allowing You To Dial Faster And Work More Efficiently

Have More Time To Spend On The Tasks Worthy Of Your Brainpower

Connect To The Business Tools you Love


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to capture all the calls made by team into CRM?

From call duration to conversation history, this call management app has it all covered. Mobile-based call center solutions enable automated call logging into CRMs so your team can automatically capture their calls and minimize call wrap-up time. Using Call Center Solution, sales and service teams are equipped with the tools required to increase agent productivity and call capacity.

"What is click-to-dial? "

Once the feature is enabled, your employee can simply click on the call button from CRM and the call will be dialed automatically on his phone.

What are the benefits of click-to-dial?

The biggest benefits of the Click to dial feature are time-saving and efficiency. Teams managing customer support or sales reps no longer need to dial phone numbers manually, which eliminates user errors. All that’s needed is a single click to call customers and prospects anywhere in the world.

Click to dial feature also removes the need to switch between screens and apps. This both reduces call handling time and increases call volume. Since agents have more time available to focus on providing outstanding support, customer satisfaction rises too.