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CRM Integration

How does CRM integrates with Mobile Based Call Center Solution?
CRM is the most crucial system of your organization. Mobile Based Call Center Solution allows your business to leverage your voice channel within Salesforce and automate daily tasks to enhance your team’s performance. With the Call Center-CRM integration, all calls are automatically logged directly into Salesforce and each caller’s history is saved. Your sales and support agents will have access to all customer and prospect data within CRM to better communicate, solve tickets, and win new business.
What other CRMs does Call Center App integrate with?

Call Center App integrates seamlessly with all of the major CRMs on the market today. In addition to Salesforce, we integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Freshsales, Zendesk Sell, and several other CRMs. Configuring these integrations are intuitive and do not require complicated data migrations.

Call Center Solution

What is a Call Center Solution, and how does it work?

A call center solution is a communication tracking tool that gives you complete visibility into calls of your sales process. It tracks the calls between salespeople and prospects to understand the customer’s buying intent and prepare the pitch accordingly. It also helps managers evaluate the call quality, performances of the sales reps and strategically use them to improve sales efficiency.
The call center solution application also supports automation to make sales reps’ lives easier. The following are some of the automation features in Call Center Solutions App.

-Call recording for training and quality control purposes.
-Automatically logs the call duration.
-Generating automated reports on calls due, completed, average time per call, number of calls required for closure, and so on.
-Click-to-call facility instead of manually dialing a number.
-Save interaction history.
-Making the interaction details accessible to managers and other authorized users to improve customer experience.

Another benefit of using a Call Center app is that if a sales rep is on leave, another team member can refer to the call log and follow-up with the customer.

What are the benefits of using Call Center App for managers?

With the Call Center App, managers will have complete visibility over the sales communications. Whether it is an inbound call or a sales reps makes the call, the system will automatically log the interactions. Managers can also track metrics such as the number of inbound calls answered/missed, time and duration of outbound calls, customer satisfaction with the phone calls, number of calls made per agent per day, conversion metrics, and more. All these will help managers devise strategies for improving sales efficiency.

What are the Benefits of call center solution?

Call Center app for sales reps logs calls, if you have to follow-up with the lead, even after months, you can go back and refer to the previous call to get a context of the conversation and deal with the prospect accordingly. It also makes it easy for another team member to pick up the follow-ups from where you left. Another benefit of using a sales call tracker is that it reduces the cognitive load on sales reps. In the manually process sales reps need to remember what conversation they had with customer and then they can log it in CRM. With Call Center Solution they do not need to remember anything, all the calls will be automatically logged with the recording

Call Recording

How do I get call recording into CRM automatically?

Call recording gives you the ability to automatically record your incoming & outgoing business calls. This functionality is extremely important to businesses that wish to monitor their agents to ensure the quality of the service they are providing, train new or existing staff, assist with dispute resolution efforts, & much more.

Best of all, you can easily access these call records right below your leads and deals from any mobile or web browser. Now you can easily keep audio records for all of your business calls for as long as you need!

Why your sales team needs a CRM with call recording?

Call Center App records all your calls automatically and keeps them safe and secure in your cloud-based account so you can go back and review them whenever you need to. In every call, there’s something new: an insight or an inspiration. With Call Center App, record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. You can listen to them later and discover new ways to improve. And old call could also hold the answer to a new problem that you’ve encountered!

What is a call recording system?

A Call recording system records phone conversations into an audio file format. You can retrieve, playback, store, and share call recordings. Businesses typically use this software for employee training, maintaining service quality, consistency standards, and marketing research. With Call Center App, the service requires no additional installation or cost and is accessible through the admin settings of your CRM dashboard.

What are the benefits of a call recording system?

The call recording feature can improve the consistency and quality of your team’s service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

During training sessions, call recording can be used to demonstrate examples of effective and ineffective call techniques. Walk trainees through different scenarios, give them helpful context, and prepare them for various situations they may encounter over the phone.

Automatic call recording can also protect your company in case of customer disputes. Having a full history of the conversation makes it easier to clarify any confusion and take the appropriate next steps.

Call Logging

How to capture all the calls made by team into CRM?

From call duration to conversation history, this call management app has it all covered. Mobile-based call center solutions enable automated call logging into CRMs so your team can automatically capture their calls and minimize call wrap-up time. Using Call Center Solution, sales and service teams are equipped with the tools required to increase agent productivity and call capacity.

Click to Dial

How to capture all the calls made by team into CRM?

From call duration to conversation history, this call management app has it all covered. Mobile-based call center solutions enable automated call logging into CRMs so your team can automatically capture their calls and minimize call wrap-up time. Using Call Center Solution, sales and service teams are equipped with the tools required to increase agent productivity and call capacity.

"What is click-to-dial? "

Once the feature is enabled, your employee can simply click on the call button from CRM and the call will be dialed automatically on his phone.

What are the benefits of click-to-dial?

The biggest benefits of the Click to dial feature are time-saving and efficiency. Teams managing customer support or sales reps no longer need to dial phone numbers manually, which eliminates user errors. All that’s needed is a single click to call customers and prospects anywhere in the world.

Click to dial feature also removes the need to switch between screens and apps. This both reduces call handling time and increases call volume. Since agents have more time available to focus on providing outstanding support, customer satisfaction rises too.


"What are the benefits of call monitoring? "

Call monitoring is an essential part of quality control and training in any modern business phone system. Frequent call monitoring can significantly boost your overall customer satisfaction and retention. There are multiple benefits to call monitoring:

Training: : Listen calls and give tips or suggestions on how that trainee can better answer the caller’s query.

Quality Control: : Managers can team up with any reps for critical calls to help them learn practical solutions for stressful situations.

Performance Review: : After sitting in on a call with a rep, you’ll have concrete examples of when an agent performed well, and identify where there’s room for improvement.

Why is call monitoring important?

Call monitoring and consistent feedback will help you build a high performing, enthusiastic team. It’s also a great way to build morale for individuals on your team. During a live coaching session, you can identify precisely when a rep demonstrated a great example of customer service or sales tactic. This experience can be used in performance reviews when you want to reward them for excellent work.

Managers and supervisors will get the opportunity to train in a completely immersive environment, enabling them to build their coaching skills. For sales managers, you’ll have a better idea of how much your sales reps understand the product and whether they’re providing accurate information.