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Integrate Call Center Solution with Zoho CRM

– WITHOUT the hassle and expensiveness of VOIP or PBX System.

  • Implement your Zoho telephony integration in a few clicks
  • No coding, no developers, and no professional services needed
  • No setup fees and no minimum contracts required

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Here’s is How Call Center Integration with Zoho CRM Helps You

Single-Click Dialing from Your Zoho CRM

Click to call feature will save your team seconds on every call, allowing you to dial faster from your CRM screen and work more efficiently.

Say Goodbye To Manually Logging Calls, Log Calls Automatically

Stop logging your calls like robots and start building better relationships with your customers. More quality data, less time wasted. 100% of calls logged.

Never Miss Lead When You Miss Call, Capture Leads Automatically

All missed phone calls or unknown calls can be logged as new leads in CRM to be followed upon and assigned to specific sales managers

Get Call Recordings of Every Calls into Your CRM

Easily record your inbound and outbound calls. Enjoy call recording capabilities at no extra charge and confirm the history of every conversation.

Get Full Visibility Into Your Sales Team's Call Performance

Every incoming and outbound phone call will be automatically logged & recorded, giving you a clear picture of what your sales agents are doing or NOT doing.

No hassles of VoIP or PBX System

Our Call Center Solution works seamlessly on your Android devices. You can set up your Call Center without having to purchase or maintain any special equipment.

One-Click Integration with Your CRM or Helpdesk System

We have plug and play integrations with all of the major CRMs on the market today like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and several other CRMs. Configuring these integrations are intuitive and do not require complicated data migrations

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

You do not need to worry about per-minute charges. We have fixed pricing plans for users.

Setup Your Mobile Based Call Center in Less Than 1 Min.

Just download our apps to begin making business calls from your mobile today. Invite your agents, integrate it with your CRM, and open for business anywhere.

Stop logging your calls like robots and start building better relationships with your customers.

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